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Get Paid to Write

Many people believe that having a job is about waking up early in the morning and heading to an office downtown in one of the famous companies. This is why many people will ask you where you work and the mention of the company will make the people know whether you have money or not. There are those companies associated with good pay while others are seen as exploiters. It is hard to explain to a person that you are earning a living by writing online. First the person will ask you for whom do you write, does it pay to write and how do you make money writing online? There will be endless questions before the conversation is over and yet the person will not be satisfied whether you can get paid to write papers online.

Writing for Money

It is funny that those who are in big offices with big and honored titles are not getting a fat salary as their titles and positions indicate. But, a writer who has no respectable position in society and who is seen to be doing a non-significant job is earning a fat salary. This is because writers are writing for money and the more they write the more they earn in terms of cash and knowledge. The writers are exposed to so many things as they write which adds to their knowledge and experience.

Unlike those with permanent jobs and who have a monthly salary which is fixed, writers have no fixed salary and that’s why they can make huge sums of cash as they do their online work. A writer will be motivated by the money he will make and that’s why he or she will ensure he works for more hours to earn more money. That is why a writer will always be busy because he or she knows that every minute spent will add something to his account. Unlike that monthly salary from a boss who will sit doing nothing in the office because he knows his check still awaits in the bank. Writing for money online is about dedication because the more you work the more you earn. You will find there are writers who make more than others and the difference is seen by how the writers work. It is also determined by the experience and competence of a writer because he or she will be more effective than the rest.

Writers Earned (Oct-Dec 2013)
ENL category Writer ID 156**31 43 orders completed $ 3766 earned
Writers ID 137**7 65 orders completed $ 5304 earned
ESL category Writers ID 22**2 49 orders completed $ 2143 earned
Writers ID 12**3 57 orders completed $ 2984 earned